Interactive Real Time Survey

Our Interactive Real Time Survey allows for a modernized and efficient approach to loss control inspections, where the insured takes an active role in the process, guided by our expert staff. This innovative method ensures accurate data collection and analysis in real-time, enhancing the overall effectiveness of risk assessments.

Key Features of an Interactive Real Time Survey

Real-Time Data Collection:

Mobile Devices: The insured uses their own mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) to capture data on-site.

Immediate Input: Information is entered directly into the system as it is gathered, reducing delays and minimizing errors.

Interactive Guidance:

Live Support: Our staff provides real-time guidance through video calls or chat, helping the insured collect all necessary data.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Interactive forms and prompts guide the insured through the survey, ensuring systematic data collection.

Multimedia Integration:

Photo and Video Capture: The insured captures photos and videos of key areas, guided by our experts to ensure all relevant details are documented.

Geotagging: All multimedia data is geotagged, making it easier to pinpoint specific areas of interest or concern.

Instant Analysis and Feedback:

Immediate Processing: Data is processed in real-time, allowing for instant analysis and feedback.

Risk Scoring: Automated risk scoring is applied based on predefined criteria, providing immediate insights into potential risks.

Remote Collaboration:

Real-Time Communication: Our experts communicate with the insured in real-time, answering questions and providing guidance throughout the process.

Live Streaming: The insured can live stream their survey to our remote experts for instant feedback and assistance.

Cloud-Based Reporting:

Instant Report Generation: Comprehensive reports are generated automatically and can be shared immediately with clients and underwriters.

Secure Data Storage: Data is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring easy access and backup.

Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency:

Error Reduction: Real-time validation checks ensure that data is complete and accurate before submission.

Time Savings: The process is streamlined, reducing the time needed for data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Benefits of Interactive Real Time Surveys

Enhanced Collaboration: Our experts provide real-time guidance, improving the quality of the inspection and decision-making.

Comprehensive Documentation: The integration of multimedia elements creates a detailed and informative inspection record.